Tribute to Smokey

On Sept 23 there was a memorial for Smokey Stover at Cable Airport. It was much more than a Memorial. It was the most appropriate and fitting celebration of a life I have ever seen let alone been part of. It was also a concert in Smokey's honor. If you are reading my website you were probably there, but just in case you weren't, let me say this; there were so many wonderful performers there, there isn't enough room to name them all here, but I can give you my critique in these few words. Everyone was Wonderful! Many were the best I have ever seen!! I am absolutely serious!!! To everyone involved, I want to say BRAVO!! There are 3 people that I must single out for their special contribution to this beautiful event. Danny Oberbeck and Neil the Wheel did an amazing job of putting it all together. And, of course, Judy. We love you Judy! Not a day goes with out me thinking of Smokey in some way. And it is great comfort knowing that so many other friends and players are doing exactly the same thing.

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