Well, OK it won't be exactly like Blues Monday.  You won't be able to get a Buffalo Burger and it will be only once a month - on the 'Second Sunday' of the month.  Get it?

That's right!  All those who long for the days of BLUES MONDAY, the summertime open mic at the World Famous Buffalo Inn in the first decade of the 21st Century.  The format has regenerated and is set to bloom on SUNDAY AUG. 11TH at SHIRLEY'S BBQ SHACK.  A home style BBQ restaurant with great food served and prepared by great folks.

Billy Proulx & Tommy Too are slated to be the monthly hosts and they will begin at 4pm.   Tommy is in Hawaii on the 11th however, so the one and only Dusty Keg with team up with Billy for the inaugural show.

At 5pm comes the special guest.  Terry Carter, also known as "Chicken Charlie", will be the first special quest  for SECOND SUNDAY, a tradition that carries over from Blues Monday.

At 6pm the open mic starts.  We hope to cater to songwriters, and acoustic players but all are welcome.

There you have it.  A lot of folks have asked me over the years when are you bringing back Blues Monday. 

(The last one was in 2011.  If that makes you feel old you earned it!)

Well, we moved it to Sunday instead. The SECOND SUNDAY.  See you at Shirley's.

                                        Shirley’s BBQ Shack 

                       12150 Ramona Ave Chino, CA 91719      


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