Pure Magic!!!

Last Saturday night at the Blackwatch was PURE MAGIC. The band was energized by Austin's musicianship and dedication. In an act of inspiration and eccentricity Billy had the Crew play the BB King set backwards. NO NO, nothing satanic here. I mean they started with Sweet Home Chicago ( which they usually end with) and so on. The Band responded with perhaps their best set ever. They were totally in the moment. And then right at the start of the second set in walked Amy Scruggs with half of the Vintage Cowboyz, fresh in from 7 hrs. on the road coming home from Payson AZ. where they had played at 11am that morning. Billy was with them but came home with a little help from US Air. That's probably why Amy and the boys slept walked out about half an hour later and Billy played 'till 1pm and then did a little sleep walkin' himself. Hey "sleep walk" how does that go again.

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