Proulx & Crew Sweeten Lemon Festival

Although they drew the opening 12 noon slot at the LEMON FESTIVAL, Billy Proulx and the Crew (swing shift) blew the roof off the Citrus Stage and kicked off Saturday's activities with a bang. The line up included Morgan Chapman on bass and Rick Henderson on drums with special  guest Tommy Wheatheral on harp (harmonica to the unhip).  Even though it wasn't the usual crew they delivered what has become the usual fare for this dynamic act, sweet down home blues with plenty of real bite and beat.  Those dancing in front of the stage at noon can attest. After the set Billy was swamped fans asking for download and business cards and to have their pictures taken

If you crave REAL blues you've got to catch this group.  They are currently engaged at  American Legion post 289 in Riverside for the Steak Fry on May 1st and May 15th.  But you can catch them locally at the Black Watch Pub on Friday July 25th.

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