Noah & his Band of Outlaws Conquer The Buffalo

Like a Attila the Hun sacking Rome, Noah Bellinger & His Band of Outlaws rode into the Buffalo Inn and laid the place to waist Monday night. Their weapons of choice? ELECTRIC GUITARS and Pianos. One might think that Jason "Big Blind" Piccilo on bass and "Cannibal" Sam McAdam on drums and vocals would have been plenty of fire power but never one to engage in artificial restraint Noah also brought along a mercenary > Edson Choi( guitarist for Dusty Rhodes & The Riverband fresh from touring with Johny Lang). With the locals firmly under their command they proceeded to scorch the place with their particular brand of suburban balistic blues. Needles to say all host Billy Proulx could do was disguise himself as Lucuis Tate, surrender, wear a Leopardskin Pillbox Hat presented to him by the new potentate and play the Wurly. Noah's boundless engery may be do the fact that he had just come from mixing down his new CD. He gave a brilliant and sometimes even touching performance. At the end of show The Band of Outlaws and their Chieftain had mercy on the old traditionalist and rode off into the night. But not before they threatened to attack again. Maybe in September.

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