Backstop has released Billy Proulx's new CD "U.S. 61".  It is a collection of recordings previously unreleased on the web, with one exception.  It contains 13 tracks, six of which are from the band 'Bongo Straits'(1996 to 2002).  There is a track from 'The Vintage Cowboys': 'Rode Across Texas ' which was released as a single in 2010. The title track is the final song on the 'Bongo Straits' debut CD and features Billy on dobro.  There are also two tunes from Billy and Johnny Magic, three solo efforts and a studio version of 'Don't Cha Love Me Babe' with Crew members Erle Saunders on guitar and Rick Henderson on drums.   The liner notes contain the story of each song.

All the tracks reflect Billy's americana roots.  While songs like 'U.S. 61', 'Ticket Agent' and 'Baby What You Want Me To Do' represent his acoustic blues side, which spans Delta and Piedmont  styles, offerings such as 'Don't Cha Love Me Babe' and 'Three O'Clock and I'm Rockin'' are more Rockabilly in nature and conjure up a Memphis feel.   

So listening to this collection is much like taking a trip along that famous highway it is named after.

If you love Americana, down home folkie blues and good old Rock n Roll your gonna love this CD.

Go to and search U.S. 61.

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