Monsoon hits Clint Black

The 4th July gig in Casa Verde Arizona was one we won't soon forget. Just as we were about load on to stage for the sound check a monsoon hit. The wind tried to carry off the inflatable screen and tipped over drums of water. Clint and his band rushed off stage. Soon it was pouring and the crew bailed too, when the light rigging above the stage began to be thrown around like sticks. The crew and all Clint's people were incredibly professional. It rained for two hours. When it stopped they went hard to work and the show went on as scheduled at 7:30. Since we didn't get a sound check just Amy and Steve went out and played a few songs to open fot Clint. They did great, and that night at the Casino Lounge we knocked them out. I was probably our best show ever. Amy was right on the money and the band was hot. It was a great show.

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