March 15: A Special Night!!

Due to an interesting turn of events the Crews line up will be a little different this Saturday night March 15th at the Blackwatch Pub. Austin Trujillo an amazing young musician will playing bass for the Crew. Austin is a 'legit' pro who is a graduate of Pepperdine University. He went there on a full ride from the music dept. Today he is working in the industry as an arranger. He plays violin in a band call los Sindicate. He also plays bass on the Crews "Do You Wanna Go?" CD on the cut "2 Miles East of Bloomfield". The story of how he became involved with Billy Proulx & The Crew is wonderful ,heart-warming and hilarious, but you'll have to come out to the Blackwatch Saturday night to hear it. I know what your thinking; " this is cool but what about Olises"? Most of you probably don't know but Olises isn't just a bass player. In fact bass may be his second or third instrument. He can play almost anything. We hired him because of his dedication and his taste (and because he is super-hip which helps our image a lot, and it needs a lot of help). He is still our #1 bass player, but Sat. night he has a great gig doing what he does best. You see Olises may the best Jazz drummer I've ever heard. Erle agrees. Saturday Night he will be playing at: Columbo's 1833 Colorado Blvd. Eagle Rock, CA 90041 at 10pm Great Food and Great Jazz Saturday will a special night for Olises's band because they will debuting their new keyboardist some kid named Casey Prolux or Proutz or something. Oh yeah Casey Proulx. Come to think of I know that Guy. Hey wait a minute! There goes half my crowd. Darn where's the delete button on this thing!!

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