Great Night For Blues Monday

Last night was a special one at the Buffalo. First of all, Billy and Sparky's first set was a little different then usual and really set the mood for what was to come. Billy opened the night with a solo hypnotic version of "When My Baby Left". When Sparky, Morgan and special guest, Jerry Rigglemen, joined in, they did a spirited verfsion of "Ticket Agent" and the rest of the set seemed to build as it went. Jerry Rigglemen showed what a unique and seasoned performer he is with his set. Starting out with an instrumental original and then another original, he then covering everyone from Harry Neilsen to the Beatles to Tin Lizzy in his compelling and groovy style. By the end of Rigglemen's set it had already become obvious that the jam session was going to special as well. Chicken Charlie had been in the house from the opening note; Nick Nashville and Jack McCoy where setting right at center stage and just as Billy joined Chicken Charlie mid-set, in walked none other than Amy Scruggs, with songwriter David Adams. As you can imagine it was one wonderful and spontaneous show. Nick and Jack did Merle and Dwight as only they can and Amy was, well Amy! Billy joined her and if you haven't heard those two sing together you are really missing something. Amy did her radio play mountain state hit "Coming Home" with David Adam's (author) accompanying and David did a rousing version of "Dust My Broom" which might have been the highlight of the night. During the finale, Billy was joined by Dusty Keg in a bitter-sweet version of "Just Ain't Ready for Love". Heck, Billy even covered Sparky by doing his own version of "Body in the River", in which the Tribune claims it was a drowning and Billy says he heard that Weepy actually borrowed the money. Now, how can Blues Monday at the Buffalo get any better then that. Tune in next week and find out!

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