Farewell Smokey

It is with profound sadness that I must announce the passing of our beloved friend and confidant Al "Smokey" Stover on the 8th of September. I'm proud to say I have known him long enough to remember when he was just plain Al. He was more then simply a player, he was a brother and a role model ( I know that's a lttle scary Smokey, but its true). The first I remember seeing him he was playing the guitar in a rock n roll band. It must have been about 1966. He was using a fuzz-tone. It was the first time I had actually seen one. I asked him where he got it. He said he made it. We had many wonderful adventures together and not all of them musical. Along with Bruce Bishop, we once walked to the top of Mt Baldy. I confided in him about almost everything from the break up of a marriage to the break up of a band to what kind of car I should buy. We played the Troubador, The Universal Ampitheater and BB Kings together (and a zillions of other places we'd rather not mention). The last time I saw him he came to see me play in June at the Buffalo Inn. Little did I know..... Smokey, you can't even begin to imagine how much you will be missed. To all who loved him, all I can say is "play on the best you can".

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