Crew makes BB Kings Their Home

Last night at BB Kings was very special. On this their third visit, Billy & the Crew seemed to make the venue their home. John telling his goofy jokes and hooping around like a teenager, Erle sharing his New York attitude, Billy's ripping off his tie after the second song saying "it seemed like a good idea at the time" Olises and Rick locking in and going for it; all served notice that "hey maybe it's late' maybe we had to follow a band that play Johnny b Good for what seemed like forever but this is our place now and we're gonna show ya why we are the headliners. The Casey Proulx Marching and Cowder Society ( sorry Vinny) was there but in smaller numbers than the last time but for some reason the ovations after his solo's were longer and louder. There is no truth to the rumor that the Band will be billed as Casey Proulx & the Crew next time out. The band would like to personally thank everyone who came out last night but the that would very difficult, not to mention exhausting. But we will post our next date at BB's as soon as we get it. Thanks everybody ! And Thank You to the troops, no matter when they come home!!!

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