Blues Monday Cancelled!

Well as George Harrison said 'all things must pass'.

On July 11th we showed up at the Buffalo, on time as usual.  While we were in the middle of setting up we were informed that Blues Monday was being cancelled, probably for good.  They said no more entertainment on Mondays.  This wasn't a big shock to us because this is how the Buffalo rolls.  They say a lot of things.  I have waited to make this announcement in hopes that things would change.  We have been 'Buffaloed' before.  I also have been looking for a new venue for Blues Monday .  But neither of these things seem to be working out. So, I am announcing that Blues Monday is over at least for now.  I will continue my efforts to find a new venue.  If management changes at the Buffalo it may return there. But I wouldn't hold my breath.  I could go on about how short sightedness  of the ownership there, and now beneficial Blues Monday has been for their business, and how bad they make us look, and how we have built it into something special despite their total lack any business smarts ( I told you I could go on), but that is enough of that.

In short, Stan West's show on Aug 1st has been cancelled.  

I want to thank the following people for making these last six years of blues Monday something really special.  With out their support it wouldn't have happened:

John Dolan, John "Sparky" McConnell, Terry Carter, Morgan Chapman, Tom & Patty Petry, Jerry Riggleman,

 Nicole Frazier, Stan West, Noah Terrel, Doug Chapline, Larry Jackson, Dave Weaver, Jack McCoy,  Nick Nashville, Johnny Magic, Duck 'n Bunny,  the guy who brings me golf balls, Jerry O'Sullivan, the Significant 7 and the couple of Buffalo's I've eaten over the last few years.

There are a lot more who helped make a night or two very special but I don't have enough ink to give everybody their due.

Stay tuned, something good may happen. It usually does! > Billy 

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