Last Night (6-5-06) was the first BLUES MONDAY at The Buffalo. And what a Night it was. After a riveting opening set of country blues from Billy & Sparky, Terry Carter gave magical history tour thru the folk blues genre with such american gems as "Stagger Lee "and "House of the Rising Sun'. Delivered as smoothly and powerfully as a shot of Southern Comfort. Then the one and only Jack McCoy materialized on stage with telecaster in hand, not to steal the show (which all know he could have done) but to serve as featured sideman of the evening. Of coarse with a little arm twisting (very little) he stepped up to mic and laid down some real Mississippi. Then came the highlight of the evening Nick Nashville and Jack McCoy on the same stage. To everyone's surprize there was just enough room for both of them (for a few songs at least). Actually they made a great team, trading licks as well as barbs with style and high energy. "Little Sister' brought the house down. Ok Ok, it would have if we were inside. And it didn't end there. Infact it didn't end until 11 am; two hours after the scheduled ending. There were more notables including Larry Floyd and Neil the Wheel. Finally came the biggest thing of the evening, the smile on John Nolan's face!

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