Billy & Erle Do KOCI, Costa Mesa

Sunday, April 26th, Billy and Erle played the Dr. Barry's Travelin' Medicine and Blues Show at 1pm. They were on for the whole show (2hrs) and knocked every pitch right out of the park. Billy & Erle opened with a spirited version of "Am Track Blues" and then did "Good Morning Blues' low down and delta style. After much discussion about the odd spelling of Billy's last name and inquiries as to Erle's possible family ties with E. Buzz Miller, the pair took the scene even farther down the Mississippi with a downright sultry rendition of "Walkin Blues". Billy was on the dobro, of coarse. Then Billy dazzled Dr Barry with his own composition "It All Comes Around". Dr Barry asked for a long uptempo jam so they responded with a cookin' version of "Sweet Home Chicago". They closed out with "Louisiana Blues (more dobro). And then, after Billy paid Dr Barry back for butchering his name by referring to him as Dr Dave, Doc was still cool enough to play "2 Miles East of Bloomfield" from the "Do You Wanna Go CD". All in all, it was a great experience. Billy and Erle and all the guys in the Crew want to thank the folks at KOCI and especially Dr Barry, for showing them a great time and letting jam on the radio. KOCI 101.5 RULES!!!!!

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