Billy & Crew Smoke BB Kings

With a little help from their friends Smokey Stover( bass) and Devin Thomas(keyboards), Billy Proulx & The Crew laid down the real deal blues to open for the one and only Johnny Winter, last night at BB Kings at Universal's City Walk in Hollywood. Beginning the set with soulful delta based renditions of 'Good Morning Blues" and then Sparky's tail of justice gone bad " Body in the River ( Brisco's Blues) and then takin' it all the way to the Billy's blistering chops in 'Crosscut Saw", and Erle's in "House of Cards", they moved the crowd to several rousing ovations. Then the audience was treated to three other groups before Johnny hit the stage, Shane O"Brien, Brothers n Blues and then the up and coming magical Teddy Lee Hooker. That's alot of blues!! But this die hard crowd was ready for more, and when Johnny Winter hit the stage that's exactly what they got. He was his mezmorizing self. Although other names are often mentioned it is Johnny Winter who is truly the King of the Texas Blues. notes: Rick Henderson saved the night by being one of the only drummers there to remember to bring his cymbols.

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