Amy Rocks The Buffalo

Amy Scruggs was her usual warm entertaining self last Monday night at the Buffalo. Performing as special guest on Blues Mondays, she wowed the crowd with a duet performance: Amy and her son Ryan. Ryan backed her up with ease on songs like "Bring It Here to Me". After a short set with Ryan, Billy and Morgan Chapman joined in on " Somebody's Knockin" and "Fast s You" among others. Then Amy pulled off a stuningly heart-felt acoustic version of " Ghostriders in the Sky". Finally, Billy and Amy sang some old outlaw country classics duet-style and blended like (as Billy said) two kids from San Dimas. This was Amy's last show before heading out on the road for a tour of the Mountain states to promote her new single "Coming Home", but the fun didn't stop there. The jam session held plenty of magic as well. First Casey Proulx played a few songs with his proud Papa on guitar. They covered Jimmy Smith with "Back at the Chicken Shack" and then played some blues. Casey and his trio will be next weeks special guests. Jerry Riggleman played a wonderful set with Jack McCoy backing him up on guitar. Jerry has a style all him own. We've got to have him back as special guest. Chicken Charlie even sat in with Billy and Sparky in the first set. Blues Monday is going as strong as ever. Don't miss out!

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