AMY does the Spiderwalk

The one and only Amy Scruggs will be appearing on the Jonny Magic LP due for release this summer. In case you've been in a coma, Amy is the hottest new preformer on the Southern California country scene. She opened for Clint Black and Eric Church and that ain't all. She was picked by Go Country to be featured artist on their Artist Spotlight series. If you've been following this website you know Billy has been working with her and her backup band, The Vintage Cowboys, playing slide guitar, dobro and keyboards. Amy has returned the favor by singing on 'Spiderwalk". The rumor is; it went so well that producer Erle Saunders asked her back for more. Other rumors abound, such as: Austin Trujillo will also make an appearance. This time on fiddle. Stay tuned. Anything could happen.

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