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Billy Proulx: News

SECOND SUNDAY- LIKE BLUES MONDAY (only a day earlier) - August 1, 2019

Well, OK it won't be exactly like Blues Monday.  You won't be able to get a Buffalo Burger and it will be only once a month - on the 'Second Sunday' of the month.  Get it?

That's right!  All those who long for the days of BLUES MONDAY, the summertime open mic at the World Famous Buffalo Inn in the first decade of the 21st Century.  The format has regenerated and is set to bloom on SUNDAY AUG. 11TH at SHIRLEY'S BBQ SHACK.  A home style BBQ restaurant with great food served and prepared by great folks.

Billy Proulx & Tommy Too are slated to be the monthly hosts and they will begin at 4pm.   Tommy is in Hawaii on the 11th however, so the one and only Dusty Keg with team up with Billy for the inaugural show.

At 5pm comes the special guest.  Terry Carter, also known as "Chicken Charlie", will be the first special quest  for SECOND SUNDAY, a tradition that carries over from Blues Monday.

At 6pm the open mic starts.  We hope to cater to songwriters, and acoustic players but all are welcome.

There you have it.  A lot of folks have asked me over the years when are you bringing back Blues Monday. 

(The last one was in 2011.  If that makes you feel old you earned it!)

Well, we moved it to Sunday instead. The SECOND SUNDAY.  See you at Shirley's.

                                        Shirley’s BBQ Shack 

                       12150 Ramona Ave Chino, CA 91719      


Travis & the Crew? - January 14, 2019

          The rumor continues to spread that Billy Proulx & and the Crew will be backing blues rock recording artist TRAVIS BOWLIN at the LACE MUSIC NAMM after-show JAN 27TH.  No location or time has been announce yet. Billy played harmonica behind Travis at the same party last year which was held at Don the Beachcomber in Huntington beach.  Unfortunately that iconic venue closed its doors in April.

           Check out Travis on line he is a real up and comer.  The Crew is looking forward to seeing him.

Upland Blues Festival '18 - April 30, 2018

This years Upland Blues Festival at the Lemon Festival was a big success and we should all thank Tommy Weatherell for doing such a grant job putting it together.  All the bands where excellent and seemed to be reaching back for a little something extra.

It was an honor for Billy Proulx & Tommy Too to open the show and as always I had a blast playing  with Toomstone. I sat right up front and caught Lil' A and the All Nighters' whole set.  West Coast Swing doesn't get any better than those guys.   I'll let you in on a little secret; Geoff Gurrolia's Tele actually plays itself.

Crew Put to Work - February 15, 2016

That's right the Crew will be punching in at the Black Watch Pub Saturday March 5th at 9pm 'till ?.  They will also be putting a day shift in at the Lemon Festival on Sunday May 1st on the Main Stage closing out a Blues show.  The time will be announced soon.

The rumor that Billy and Crew are working on a second studio CD was thought to be a hoax, but it turns out that there may actually some truth to it.  More on that later.

BP & Crew Booked Every Sunday at Woody's - July 28, 2014

After a rousing performance at Woody's Bar and Grill in Ontario, Billy Proulx and the Crew have been booked (no not that kind of 'booked') to play there every Sunday.  Last night was an evening of hot Blues and Good Ol' Rock n Roll at the very friendly neighborhood bar & grill at Holt and Benson in Ontario.

 Tommy Weatherall who has become one of the hottest harmonica players in the IE showed up to sit in during the final set.  Brain Rife made his debut on bass with the Crew and teamed up Olises Naranjo on drums it made one super tight rhythm section.  That's right Olises, the regular bass player for the crew (this guy can do it all).

Come on out Aug. 10th.  It's a great place! 

Proulx & Crew Sweeten Lemon Festival - April 29, 2014

Although they drew the opening 12 noon slot at the LEMON FESTIVAL, Billy Proulx and the Crew (swing shift) blew the roof off the Citrus Stage and kicked off Saturday's activities with a bang. The line up included Morgan Chapman on bass and Rick Henderson on drums with special  guest Tommy Wheatheral on harp (harmonica to the unhip).  Even though it wasn't the usual crew they delivered what has become the usual fare for this dynamic act, sweet down home blues with plenty of real bite and beat.  Those dancing in front of the stage at noon can attest. After the set Billy was swamped fans asking for download and business cards and to have their pictures taken

If you crave REAL blues you've got to catch this group.  They are currently engaged at  American Legion post 289 in Riverside for the Steak Fry on May 1st and May 15th.  But you can catch them locally at the Black Watch Pub on Friday July 25th.

Toomay Replaces Cowboys at Frogee's - March 16, 2014

The Vintage Cowboys drummer Bill Anderson will have minor surgery and won't be available to play at Frogee's in Apple Valley on Friday March 28th.  Sean Toomay will replace the Cowboys on the bill, opening for Billy Proulx and the Crew.  The show still starts at 9pm.  Everybody wishes Bill (the human metronome) Anderson a speedy recovery.

NEW RELEASE "U.S. 61" - January 29, 2014

Backstop has released Billy Proulx's new CD "U.S. 61".  It is a collection of recordings previously unreleased on the web, with one exception.  It contains 13 tracks, six of which are from the band 'Bongo Straits'(1996 to 2002).  There is a track from 'The Vintage Cowboys': 'Rode Across Texas ' which was released as a single in 2010. The title track is the final song on the 'Bongo Straits' debut CD and features Billy on dobro.  There are also two tunes from Billy and Johnny Magic, three solo efforts and a studio version of 'Don't Cha Love Me Babe' with Crew members Erle Saunders on guitar and Rick Henderson on drums.   The liner notes contain the story of each song.

All the tracks reflect Billy's americana roots.  While songs like 'U.S. 61', 'Ticket Agent' and 'Baby What You Want Me To Do' represent his acoustic blues side, which spans Delta and Piedmont  styles, offerings such as 'Don't Cha Love Me Babe' and 'Three O'Clock and I'm Rockin'' are more Rockabilly in nature and conjure up a Memphis feel.   

So listening to this collection is much like taking a trip along that famous highway it is named after.

If you love Americana, down home folkie blues and good old Rock n Roll your gonna love this CD.

Go to and search U.S. 61.

Check Out Videos - February 22, 2013

Videos have been posted on YouTube for several songs by Billy Proulx & The Crew, and for songs by just Billy. Walk the Walk and Europe Blues are both up.  There is great film of BP & Crew live at BB KINGs doing Good Morning Blues.  There are a ton of videos.  Go to Youtube and search Billy Proulx and check 'em out!!

Radio Airplay - February 22, 2013

Hey Fans! Billy Proulx & The crew are on Jango Radio. It is on the internet and goes all around the World. They already have 14 fans in Israel! That's enough for a party, isn't it? You can listen and fan us if you like. Google Jango.

Billy & The Crew Release New Single! - October 25, 2011

Billy Proulx & the Crew have posted a new single on CDBABY.  It should be up on the website in the next few days.

Here are the liners notes:

"Everyone has been asking us, "When is the new album from Billy and the crew coming out?"  Well, we don't know ourselves.  I can tell you that most of the basic tracks have been finished and that things are progressing rather nicely and that there has been no blood-letting over solos or other assorted issues.  In fact, we are pleased to announce our new "single" so to speak.  The album has yet to be named, so for now its called "werks in progress". So, without further ado, here is our new single: "Europe Blues" b/w "All  Your Love" (yes, the Otis Rush Classic).


Be sure to download these soon for they may not make the album with these mixes.  Here's your chance to have a collectible that doesn't requirer immunization.  Anywho...  "Europe Blues" is a great song by Ben Hernandez (who used to work with Nathan James).  E.R. and Olises are in the producers chair and we all hope you enjoy it as much as we did recording it for you.  Watch for our new album this coming spring and another single this February.


Check it out !

Blues Monday Cancelled! - July 27, 2011

Well as George Harrison said 'all things must pass'.

On July 11th we showed up at the Buffalo, on time as usual.  While we were in the middle of setting up we were informed that Blues Monday was being cancelled, probably for good.  They said no more entertainment on Mondays.  This wasn't a big shock to us because this is how the Buffalo rolls.  They say a lot of things.  I have waited to make this announcement in hopes that things would change.  We have been 'Buffaloed' before.  I also have been looking for a new venue for Blues Monday .  But neither of these things seem to be working out. So, I am announcing that Blues Monday is over at least for now.  I will continue my efforts to find a new venue.  If management changes at the Buffalo it may return there. But I wouldn't hold my breath.  I could go on about how short sightedness  of the ownership there, and now beneficial Blues Monday has been for their business, and how bad they make us look, and how we have built it into something special despite their total lack any business smarts ( I told you I could go on), but that is enough of that.

In short, Stan West's show on Aug 1st has been cancelled.  

I want to thank the following people for making these last six years of blues Monday something really special.  With out their support it wouldn't have happened:

John Dolan, John "Sparky" McConnell, Terry Carter, Morgan Chapman, Tom & Patty Petry, Jerry Riggleman,

 Nicole Frazier, Stan West, Noah Terrel, Doug Chapline, Larry Jackson, Dave Weaver, Jack McCoy,  Nick Nashville, Johnny Magic, Duck 'n Bunny,  the guy who brings me golf balls, Jerry O'Sullivan, the Significant 7 and the couple of Buffalo's I've eaten over the last few years.

There are a lot more who helped make a night or two very special but I don't have enough ink to give everybody their due.

Stay tuned, something good may happen. It usually does! > Billy 

Proulx & Crew in the Studio! - March 2, 2011

Billy Proulx & the Crew has been in the studio working on a new CD.  They are doing a hard core blues CD; mostly covers, but a few new killer originals.  No release date is set but the plan is for a release in the late summer.  They have been working at Momma Cat studios in Culver City, where Billy recorded "...and nothing else" last year.  So far  Momma is purring!


Blues Monday Keeps On Rollin' Through Sept. - September 17, 2010

September has been a great month at the Buffalo Inn on Blues Monday.  On Labor Day JR Tate (Noah Terrell) first charmed the crowd with his rumbling stories and then electrified the place with his music; E.R. Saunders of the Crew stole the show in the first set with an stellar slide guitar performance on Hoochie Coochie Man and Chicken Charlie's set was historical, as he played an old union song and pointed out that the melody was pilferred from a Pop song and the lyrics were replaced with Marxist cheerleading.  The night was drawn to a close by Paul Roberts, who seems to be the new raising star of Blues Monday.  His finger-style country blues is hypnotic.

Last week Jonny Magic pulled out all the stops for his special guest appearance.  Backed by Jerry Riggleman on keyboards, Morgan Chapman on bass, Rick Henderson on drums and Billy Proulx on guitar he fired the crowd up.  Jack McCoy and Angie ended the show with a beautiful set.

The Plustones have been rockin' the house every Monday with their special blend of classics.  This band is getting scarry-good.

This coming Monday the special guests will be the Vintage Cowboys who have gone from Amy Scruggs' backup band to an excellent country band in their own right.

On the 27th Doug Chapline, the lead guitarist and singer for Reno Jones, will be making his third appearance as special guest on Blues Monday.

Don't miss out.  Blues Monday is the best Monday-musical experience in the Inland Empire!!!

Backstop to release new Billy Proulx CD - June 21, 2010

"Billy Proulx...and Nothing Else" describes exactly what you get on Backstop's new release due out July 12th. Recorded at Momma Cat Studios in Culver City, it contains 21 cuts featuring just Billy, his guitar and occasionally, his harmonica. Produced by Olises Naranjo, this LP covers Blind Willie McTell, Leadbelly, Mark Chover, Furry Lewis and of course, Robert Johnson and Mississippi John Hurt. There are two songs that cover BB King acoustically. Four originals, two never before released, are also part of the mix. The CD opens with a compelling version of "Ticket Agent" followed by "Baby Let's Hit the Road", a snappy tune authored by Billy and dedicated to getting the heck out of here. There are some hypnotic open tuning numbers including a powerful rendition of "When My Baby Left Me". A solo version of "U.S. 61" marks the half way point. So if you love Blues Monday, now you can take part of it home with you. "Billy Proulx...and Nothing Else" to be released July 12th, 2010.


Tonight at 6pm at the Buffalo Inn in Upland, Blues Monday returns to open its 5th year. Chicken Charlie and His California Minstrels with be in the special guest
spot at 7pm. Billy & Sparky will host and play at 6pm. Special guests for June include Nicole Frazier (June 14), Jerry O'Sullivan (June 21), The Sigficant 7 (June 28). Jam at 8pm.

BILLY & CREW: 3rd Thursday of the Month @ GALLI'S - April 30, 2010

Every third Thursday of the month Billy Proulx and the Crew will be appearing at Galli's in Alta Loma.

The Shows will begin at 8pm. The first show is on May 20th, and the next two will be June 17th and July 15th.

Galli's is located at 6620 Carnelian, Alta Loma CA. For info, you can call Galli's at 909 941 1100.

BILLY & CREW Back At It - April 12, 2010

Billy Proulx and the Crew will be appearing next week at two local venues.

Thursday night, April 22nd at 8pm they will be at Galli's in Alta Loma and Saturday
night April 24th they will be at The Blackwatch Pub in Upland.

In other news, Billy just got back from Oregon, where he had a marathon 72 hr recording session with his old friend and partner, Joe Quercia. Rumor has it that there may be a Domenic & Dollar Bill CD out by the end of the year.

Billy is also putting the final touches on a new solo CD that he hopes to unveil at the first BLUES MONDAY this season. If you love BLUES MONDAY, call the Buffalo and ask about it. In fact, if you're good at voice impressions, call a few more times.

Last, but not least, The Crew is also heading back into the studio soon. It has been a busy winter and there will lots of new product available pronto.

If you haven't got your "JOHNNY MAGIC" CD yet, come out and see us or go to the CD Baby link on this website. Type in "Johnny Magic" and hit search.

Johnny Magic Album Completed - November 10, 2009

Producer Erle Saunders and Backstop Music owner Billy Proulx have announced, "Johnny Magic", their long-awaited album, is in the can and will be going to discmakers this week. The studio LP is to be released in CD format later this month. "Johnny Magic" includes old favorites like "Spiderwalk" and new never-before released tunes like "Fist of Iron".

Johnny also covers the classic "The Thrill is Gone". There is a long list of excellent players, including Grammy winner Sheffer Bruton on "Bone" and April's Go Country 105 Spotlight Artist, Amy Scruggs, singing back up. A release day and party will be announced!

Chris Darrow and Connie Mardon Jump Up On Blues Monday - September 8, 2009

Last Monday, Aug. 31, was yet another very special night at The Buffalo Inn. First of all, special guest Nicole Frazier gave her usual sweet, warm wonderful performance. It is great to see a young regular at Blues Monday coming into her own. Go Nicole!

The open mic part of the show was highlighted by a surprise appearance from Chris Darrow and Connie Mardon. That is Chris Darrow of Kaleidoscope and The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. They even opened with a song written by Sparky called "Body Heat". Hey, there is some real magic going on at the Buffalo on Blues Monday!

Great Night For Blues Monday - August 25, 2009

Last night was a special one at the Buffalo. First of all, Billy and Sparky's first set was a little different then usual and really set the mood for what was to come.

Billy opened the night with a solo hypnotic version of "When My Baby Left". When Sparky, Morgan and special guest, Jerry Rigglemen, joined in, they did a spirited verfsion of "Ticket Agent" and the rest of the set seemed to build as it went.

Jerry Rigglemen showed what a unique and seasoned performer he is with his set. Starting out with an instrumental original and then another original, he then covering everyone from Harry Neilsen to the Beatles to Tin Lizzy in his compelling and groovy style.

By the end of Rigglemen's set it had already become obvious that the jam session was going to special as well. Chicken Charlie had been in the house from the opening note; Nick Nashville and Jack McCoy where setting right at center stage and just as Billy joined Chicken Charlie mid-set, in walked none other than Amy Scruggs, with songwriter David Adams. As you can imagine it was one wonderful and spontaneous show.

Nick and Jack did Merle and Dwight as only they can and Amy was, well Amy! Billy joined her and if you haven't heard those two sing together you are really missing something. Amy did her radio play mountain state hit "Coming Home" with David Adam's (author) accompanying and David did a rousing version of "Dust My Broom" which might have been the highlight of the night. During the finale, Billy was joined by Dusty Keg in a bitter-sweet version of "Just Ain't Ready for Love". Heck, Billy even covered Sparky by doing his own version of "Body in the River", in which the Tribune claims it was a drowning and Billy says he heard that Weepy actually borrowed the money. Now, how can Blues Monday at the Buffalo get any better then that. Tune in next week and find out!

Amy Rocks The Buffalo - July 19, 2009

Amy Scruggs was her usual warm entertaining self last Monday night at the Buffalo. Performing as special guest on Blues Mondays, she wowed the crowd with a duet performance: Amy and her son Ryan. Ryan backed her up with ease on songs like "Bring It Here to Me". After a short set with Ryan, Billy and Morgan Chapman joined in on " Somebody's Knockin" and "Fast s You" among others. Then Amy pulled off a stuningly heart-felt acoustic version of " Ghostriders in the Sky".

Finally, Billy and Amy sang some old outlaw country classics duet-style and blended like (as Billy said) two kids from San Dimas. This was Amy's last show before heading out on the road for a tour of the Mountain states to promote her new single "Coming Home", but the fun didn't stop there. The jam session held plenty of magic as well. First Casey Proulx played a few songs with his proud Papa on guitar. They covered Jimmy Smith with "Back at the Chicken Shack" and then played some blues. Casey and his trio will be next weeks special guests. Jerry Riggleman played a wonderful set with Jack McCoy backing him up on guitar. Jerry has a style all him own. We've got to have him back as special guest. Chicken Charlie even sat in with Billy and Sparky in the first set.

Blues Monday is going as strong as ever. Don't miss out!

Amy Scruggs and Casey Proulx to do Blues Monday - July 2, 2009

Flash!! Amy Sruggs, on the verge of a two month tour of the Mountain time zone, has agreed to do Blues Monday as Special Guest on July 13th only a few days before her departure. There are no details yet on the show, but if you know Amy; it's going be GOOOOOD!

Flash #2! Casey Proulx, Nolan Ung, and Nick Maury will be special guests July 20th. That's 3/4 of the Nick Nack Jazz Band. Wait 'til you hear these guys!

4th Year for BLUES MONDAY - July 2, 2009

Billy Proulx and Jon "Sparky" McConnell return to the Buffalo Inn to get their Kicks on Route 66 every Monday for the fourth straight year. "Blues Monday" the creation of John Nolan, manager of the rustic night club/resturant/watering hole, starts up again this Monday June 6th at 6pm. As is the trudition, Chicken Charlie and his California Minstrals will be the opening Special Guest and there will be an open mic at 8pm. This is a very special event at a wonderful venue right on Route 66 (1814 w Foothill Blvd. in Upland,CA). Come out a get the happy blues or if you like, wallow in the low down dirty blues. WHY? BECAUSE IT'S BLUES MONDAY!

Coming Home - June 10, 2009

Amy Scruggs has released a new song called "Coming Home". It was written by David Adams and produced by Grammy award- winning Paul McKenna. Billy was privileged to play dobro on it. It is a powerful tribute to the soldiers who put their lives on the line to serve our country and their families. As many of you know, Billy's son Dusty is serving in Afghanistan and is due to come home in July, so this project was very personal for him.

Be listening to Sean Parr on Go Country 105 5am-10am and maybe you will be one the first to hear it. It will also be available soon on iTunes. Watch for updates!
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